A Guide to Canape Catering.

Organizing a cocktail function and not sure how much catering to order or what to serve?

Let our guide to canape catering in Sandton assist you with planning your next corporate cocktail party or private event.

Canape catering

First step would be to find a suitable venue, this is where the hard work pays off. Finding a venue is not an easy task, try get review sites and function platforms to guide your choices. Follow event co Ordinator’s on Instagram and view some of the places they have used. Try these sites for references.

Venues set the scene, determine the time of the event, choose a suitable venue for the time of day. If the function is a sun downer style event, a nice view would be perfect for the backdrop.

Catering for your event, canape catering and finger snack catering should match the time of the day as well as the personality of the person for who the event is.

Using classic and modern canapes and finger snack items to capture the theme.

Be specific on the catering company you choose, make sure they have a tried and tested review system in place.

Catering companies in Sandton

The Imagination box, prides itself on being a leader in the field. We have seasoned chefs with creative flair and always push the boundaries. If your looking for catering companies in sandton and your not sure of where to start?

The golden rule of event planning is to begin planning as soon as you possibly can. An event,  involves many different moving parts. So by planning early, you’ll get more options for different elements of the event.

From the important – venue options, to speakers, sponsorship options,  and so on.

Your budget will naturally dictate many different elements of your event, so while you don’t have to have everything set in stone.

It’s important to at least have an figure of your budget estimation before planning anything else.

Once you’ve estimated your budget and have established at least a rough timeline for your event, then you should develop a written event plan as a roadmap for your event’s success.

Choosing the catering company, stylists, photographers and all the other items should be considered well in advance.

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