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The imagination box cookery offers world class cooking classes lead by experienced instructors. A relaxed atmosphere to take your culinary journey to new heights.

Chefs that are passionate about food and people, tricks and tips to carry with you through life. Build confidence and share recipes. Team building or family bonding. Cooking classes are a fun educational experience for the whole family.

Raise your domestic workers skill set and up skill her with one of our informative hands on domestic courses.

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Cooking classes in Johannesburg:

Let’s discover the joys of cooking in our fun.

Interactive learning environment at our culinary school in Johannesburg!.

When you join one of our cooking classes, you join a small team and everyone focuses on making a different dish.

All this under the guidance of the instructor.

After preparing your dish and learning some new recipes, we all sit down to share the food.

What to expect: Pickles and ferments, baking and brewing.

Vegan fundamentals and vegan sausage-making.

A wealth of skills are taught at our venue in the heart of fairlands.

The roster of hands-on workshops, run by professional artisans, are offered regularly but sell out swiftly.

There are workshops for kids, too, including pies and pastry, and quick bread-making.

Whether you are coming to learn how to pickle, ferment, make pasta or cheese.

All our classes will give you the confidence to become an instinctive cook.

As well as learn the importance of seasonal eating and reducing food waste in your own sustainable kitchen.

We teach traditional cooking skills that fit into busy urban lives.

Empowering home cooks to make less wasteful and more delicious meals everyday.

Cooking classes in Johannesburg:

The best way to learn is to roll up your sleeves and get stuck into it! In our hands-on classes you will go through recipes step by step, making everything to either take home or eat in class. Our teachers have years of experience and an infectious enthusiasm for teaching, cooking and eating. As we delve into each topic there is plenty of time for questions and hands-on learning. Go home with recipes and new skills for life.

All of our hands on workshops are suitable for both new and experienced domestic cooks. Each class has an emphasis on local, seasonal produce and aims to teach traditional techniques for modern kitchens.

Class schedule

Drinks recipes:

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For more information on how we present these classes, contact us via email or give us a call.