Introduction to Tarts.


Mothers day Cooking class – Class description: In a Well ventilated room. Register for In-Person Hands-On Tart Classes! Limited spots available.

DATE: 7th May 2022
TIME: 11:30Am – 1:30Pm
LOCATION: 256 Smit street, Fairlands
INFORMATION: Introduction To Tarts

What you will learn:

Each tart class is completely hands on, in-person, and held at our Test Kitchen classroom* in Johannesburg. We’ll explore the varieties of Tart crusts, crimping techniques and tips and tricks to baking the perfect crust at home. You’ll leave class with a crimped crust to bake or freeze at home.

Each class holds approximately 10 students and is taught by Our in house pastry chef!

How to shape the pies and tarts.  All of the tricks from our chef.

Tart casing and blind baking methods:

A Demonstration will be held for two classics – Chocolate filling & Milk tart filling.

The demonstration will include a practical guide to fill the tarts.


How to buy tickets:

Simple add the quantity you require to the cart, pay online and we will email you your ticket


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Event Details

Introduction to pies. Professional chefs - helping students from all levels learn the tricks to pies, tarts and quiche. Take home 1 delicious meals for the family.

Date: May 7, 2022

Start time: 11:30 CAT

End time: 13:30 CAT

Venue: 256 Smit street, Fairlands

Phone: 0784995386