Stuffed chicken breast oven baked in tomato

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Stuffed chicken breasts – Spinach and white cheddar and cream cheese stuffed chicken breast with roast red pepper and tomato based sauce oven baked and served with rice or mashed potatoes.

This recipe is a delicious way to turn a typical chicken dinner up a notch!

Chicken is by far one of the most versatile meats.


This recipe is similar to Chicken Cordon Bleu but my recipe doesn’t have ham. It’s very flavorful. Furthermore, we add a delicious lashing of tomato based sauce and oven bake this to perfection. We grill the breasts slightly then into the oven they go, this catering meal is a winner. This meal comfortably feeds six adults and is a great dish for summer accompanied by a summer salad or a winter’s night’s dish. This would be served with mash potatoes.

Our chefs cater for your tastes and have created this dish with you in mind. We cater a rich and flavorful version of this dish for you to enjoy.

Tip: We You don’t want all that delicious cheese to ooze out before the chicken is cooked. Grilling these breasts before hand help us keep the juicy flavors inside and helps us prevent the cheese from coming out. We herb the breast with oregano, rosemary and other natural spices to give that unique taste. Once these items are coated and grilled to perfection we add in our Napolitano sauce and into the oven the go. This until the chicken is perfectly cooked through and the flavors have infused. Furthermore, we ensure quality. Therefore, we select ingredients carefully. Not to mention the fact that our award winning chefs are always looking for the best flavor combinations and textures.

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