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Kitchen tea catering – Hosting a kitchen tea party ?

Need a catering company? Here is a short Action list:

Choose a kitchen tea catering company in Johannesburg – A reliable catering company for your kitchen tea extravaganza.

A kitchen tea is a wonderful way to celebrate an exciting new chapter in the bride’s life. To help equip the newlyweds get off to a festive and fun – yet also practical and caring – start to their marriage. Don’t be intimidated by the idea of organizing the kitchen-tea foods: a fabulous get-together is easier to pull off than you think.

Remember that this occasion is all about the bride and not to mention the catering. Choosing foods that cater to her preferences would be a good starting point. Decide on the type of menu you believe that she would like. Traditional High tea or kitchen tea menus or a custom style menu.

Fabulous high-tea bridal shower is an all-inclusive celebration that will be enjoyed equally by everyone from the precious little flower girl to her intimidating granny and lovely new mother-in-law.

Our suggestion: An Action plan.

Guest list  for catering purposes:

Try not invite someone to the kitchen tea who has not been invited to the wedding.

Top secret or not?

Decide up front whether it is to be a surprise party or not. In other words decide on the rules and make them clear.


Choose a color scheme:

Find out what the bride’s favorite color is, and then create your color scheme accordingly.


Party décor & Utensils:

Set the scene for an indulgent high tea with a beautifully decorated table.

And a choice of one of the above catering menus from the Imagination box catering company.


Kitchen tea catering menus:

If you’re not a foodie, or possess little to no culinary flair, let us help to draw up the catering menu.

Think, a balance, a good spread of savory eats and sweet treats. Staff members. 

Staff members, helpers and cleaners:

Above all, arrange some extra help on the domestic front so even if you’re the hostess. You’ll be able to join in and have some fun, instead of constantly having to boil the kettle and refill teapots. For instance try use a reliable waiter hire company


Kitchen tea catering – Gifts.

Stick to a theme or essentials to get the lovely couple off to a good start. View our kitchen tea menus online.

Try: The imagination box catering company’s kitchen tea menu options pdf