Wedding catering company

Wedding catering company

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Venues killing your budget! Home weddings are the answer:

With the rising costs of weddings, more and more couples are looking to cut costs through home weddings. However, a home wedding can be more work than you imagine and can often can end up costing more than you expect.

Catering, wedding planning and sourcing the rite suppliers can create a huge amount of pressure and stress.


Sure, homemade centerpieces and aunty karells floral arrangement might work, getting ideas from Pinterest and The little pink book (who we love!) are wonderful, but they don’t make a whole wedding.

In comparison to the cost of the wedding, decorations are minimal. The biggest costs are the venue food and drinks.

By having it at home, you release the cost of the venue to allow you to have more for décor, that perfect menu and a touch of class with the drinks. Trust The Imagination box – Wedding catering company in Johannesburg.


Wedding of the year at your home:

What if I told you we can take the worry away from you’re “at home wedding”, while still helping you save money and make your own décor and invites?!

Our all in one perfect home wedding catering package means that we work alongside the couple to write their bespoke menu and design their perfect day.


Wedding catering companies – Think about the budget, budget and budget:

Start with your budget.  You need to think about what’s realistic. If you want the biggest and best, then you cannot have a tiny budget without compromising somewhere.  Decide early what you will and won’t compromise on. When assessing quotes, be sure not to solely compare prices. This is your big day! Make sure you are comparing: service, attitude, presentation and what they are actually offering.


Start big and narrow it down:

There is nothing worse than indecision when it comes to planning your wedding. It will give you nightmares!  If you don’t know what you want, start with an open mind, plenty of ideas and write them all down in one document.  Ideas flow where passion shows.


Options’ confuse the situation:

The more people you tell your ideas the more opinions you will be given. Try select only a few trusted people to share thoughts and ideas.


Spread the load:

I know it’s hard, but you have to let some things go.  I suggest writing a list of everything you need to do and decide what you can hand out.  Do not allow them to make the final decision!


Never say never:

We all know that weddings are designed for something to go wrong.  A serious amount of pressure on one day is never a good thing.  Surround yourself with a team that will ensure that you never have to know what went wrong!


Work with what you’ve got:

There must be a reason you want to have your wedding at home?  Is it the trees that you love, the view, or simply the vibe your house has?  Whatever it is, use it, make the most of it. Wedding catering companies should offer bespoke menus, mobility and flair.


Make it your own:

Another amazing reason for having a wedding at home is that it’s different.  No one has a story about someone else’s wedding at your house, because it hasn’t happened.


Get a professional opinion:

Free consulting: Try get opinions and help from Wedding catering companies. you might not think your home is suitable for the reception of your dreams, but why not ask a professional in the industry, they might be able to transform your space and give you ideas, that you didn’t even think about.


The Wedding catering companies:




The Food: Wedding catering services.

Bespoke wedding caterers in Johannesburg!

Depending on the size of your home wedding catering food can come in many different forms. Although formal dining and table buffets are immensely popular, they don’t always capture the vibe you are after when creating a home wedding.  Alternatively, why not consider some of the following options Instead? Harvest tables, live cooking stations, bowl style menus, canapes & share platters, paella cooking stations, a decadent dessert station never hurt!


Example wedding menu: Click here.



Wedding catering company - wedding food.
Plated menu


Wedding catering Canape’s:

Wedding catering company that creates – delicious, beautiful and easy to eat canapes is an art form. They are a great way to start the menu at any event, or to keep guests occupied while the wedding party is being photographed between the ceremony and reception.


wedding catering company canapes
Salmon canape


Food Stations:

Designed to match the theme of your event, food stations are an excellent addition to canapes or as a stand-alone menu option. With an aesthetically beautiful set up and the aromatic aromas of slow cooked pots, food stations provide a unique dining experience that will impress your guests.

Wow guests with the food!

Wedding and event caterers. Wedding catering company offering bespoke, buffets. These wedding buffets don’t need to be boring. They can look elegant and have all the options to make the food stations a success.

These Buffets are well suited to seated events, where guests get up and choose their own food, rather than having it brought to them. That said, “Bowl style catering” buffets are also very popular. These menus are designed so that guest don’t need a knife, and so don’t need to sit! Bowl style Buffets are generally set up for a single location for the dinner and/or dessert course.


Beverages, Mobile bars, cocktail mocktail and Ricki martini: Wedding catering companies that offer it all.

Weddings are an important celebration with many toasts throughout the night. Get creative with your drinks menu and expand beyond the traditional red, white, sparkling, and beer and add a cocktail! Or a specialty signature drink that represents you.

Go one step further and hire a vintage bar or something similar to match the theme of the wedding and really show off your beverage selection. Wide selection of offerings @Jozibars:

Although you may want to do the whole wedding yourself, help is really important. Professionals can make a smooth wedding. A trusted mobile bar company is always a good option. Handling the alcohol can be a whole other ball game.

Add in a few games by the bar station or lawn games to keep the mood alive!