Fragrant Thai green curry


Thai green curry – Traditional Thai dish best served with fragrant Jasmin rice. This catering dish is easy to make and a good treat.


The art of Thai green curry:

Curries are an important part of Thai cuisine. We believe these refer to both the dish as well as the curry paste used to make the dish.

There are three main types of Thai curries—red, yellow, and green.—which are categorized by the colour of the curry paste and not the texture. The colour of the chilies and the herbs as well as a few other ingredients gives each curry its distinct taste and shade.


Thai green curry – Differences:

Red curry was made with several red chilies for a fiery spicy dish, while green curry was made with green chilies and yellow curry was made with yellow chilies.


In Thailand, these chilies have slightly different taste characteristics to south Africa chillies. In addition to their color. Over time, however, other ingredients have been added to the curry pastes to enhance each recipe.

Making them more distinct from one another.

Although all three colors may be spicy-hot depending on the chefs preference and cooking style.

Normally green is the mildest and red the hottest with yellow falling somewhere in between.

Green curry is considered the most popular curry in Thai cuisine also our chefs favorite style. A catering favorite amongst Johannesburg’s offices.


Adding herbs, Over the years with the addition of fresh coriander (cilantro). makrut lime leaf and the shaved pieces of the peel. As well as a sweet variety of basil.

These herbs are combined with fresh green chilies and several other ingredients such as lemongrass, fish sauce, garlic, ginger, and shallots.


Red Thai curry:

Traditional Thai chefs adding up to 20 red chilies to give it that red color and make it spicy. However, some modern chefs prefer to reduce the number of chilies.


Other Types of Thai Curry

There are numerous other types of Thai curry in addition to red, yellow, and green. These include Massaman curry, Penang curry, and sour curry.


Depending on preference, the world of Thai curries is a chef’s playground. There are numerous ways in which to cook and enjoy these dishes. Try our catering Thai green curry dish and let us know your thoughts?

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