Sticky chocolate pudding with white chocolate


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Frozen dessert: Sticky chocolate pudding,

our catering companies chefs have worked long and hard to prefect this recipe. These catering style chocolate brownies are a treat for any occasion.

Frozen desserts – Recipe from an award winning catering company in Johannesburg:

Frozen desserts – sticky chocolate pudding dessert. Heat and eat dessert.

It keeps them soft, moist, and delicious. This is an easy recipe since all you need to do is combine the dry ingredients and mix it with the wet ingredients.

Then simple, bake them in the oven. Anyone can make perfectly delicious brownies with this recipe.

They are always best when homemade with love, So give these brownies a try. I bet you know someone who would love to sink their teeth into this rich, mouth-watering dessert.

Our catering companies’ secret is not in the simplicity of this recipe. It’s in the quality of the ingredients we use. Our catering style is unique and our meals are deliciously made.

These brownies are excellent with ice cream and they’re also portable enough for a box lunch.

So if you have the ingredients and you’re in the mood for some easy baking, these brownies will have your kitchen smelling unbelievably good.

We pour the remaining condense milk over the brownies to give that rich finish.

Let’s take a look at these unique main ingredients that give this recipe its perfect flavor and texture. Condense milk chocolate brownies.

  • Frozen dessertsSweetened condensed – milky condense: For both texture and flavor including the rich finish in once poured. This ingredient gives the brownies a great flavor and also helps with a moist fluffy texture. There are no substitutes for this ingredient.
  • Chocolate chips: To add chocolatey richness and a strong chocolate finish. Feel free to use any kind of chocolate chips you want. White chocolate chips or dark chocolate your choice with this one. You might like to combine more than one kind.

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